How to Play PlanetWin365 32 Card Draw


One of the poker games available at the PlanetWin365 Poker platform is a little-known game called 32 Card Draw. The game doesn’t have the traffic that more popular poker games such as Hold’em and Omaha generate, but still sees a few games running during peak times.

Players can find PlanetWin365 Poker 32 Card Draw tables under cash games in the PlanetWin365 Poker lobby. Tables are available from 0.01/0.02 up to 2/5, although most of the running games can found at limits up to 0.25/0.50. Tables are available with buy-ins with standard and deep stack buy-ins in the no limit and pot limit betting formats.

PlanetWin365 also hosts a €30 32 Card Draw freeroll for players each day that players can quality for when playing raked hands at the 32 Card Draw tables. These tournaments are a great way to learn the game without risking any of your own funds.

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PlanetWin365 32 Card Draw Rules

32 Card Draw is a game that is not available in many poker rooms, primarily due to the fact it is most popular in South Europe. If you have ever played 5 Card Draw, you will, at least, be fairly familiar with the game.

As the name would suggest, only 32 cards are used in the deck with all the 2-6 cards removed. Due to the lack of cards used, a maximum of 5 players is allowed to join the game.

The object of the game is to achieve the best five card hand after one draw. Players should note that the hand rankings are slightly different with a flush beating a full house due to the relative difficulty of hitting a flush with 32 cards.

Suit ranking is also in play with hearts forming the highest suit, followed by diamonds, clubs and spades. These are the tie breakers in the case of two players that have the same valued hand.

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The games start out with two blinds, the small and big. Each player is dealt five cards face down. There may be another forced bet on either round, called an “over,” when there are 4 or more players seated at the table.

Players can fold, call or raise on the first round of betting. After betting takes place, the draw takes place. Each player still in the hand will select the cards that they want to discard, up to 4. After players have drawn new cards, a second round of betting occurs and those left in the hand will reveal their cards.

If extra cards are needed, the discarded cards will be reshuffled and dealt using the new deck.

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