What You Need to Know About PlanetWin365 Poker Rake


Virtually every online poker in existence charges rake to run their online poker rooms. Of course, nobody likes rake, but rake is a necessary expense charged by poker rooms to run the games – both live and online.

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Poker Rake Defined

Rake is the fee that a poker room charges to run their games. It’s a bit different than how gaming companies make their money. Online casinos have house edges, meaning the vast majority of games are not beatable. Sportsbooks have “juice” or “vig” in their lines, often 10% off the lines. Online poker rooms charge rake.

Rake is taken from each hand of poker when the pot reaches certain levels and incrementally increases until it reaches a maximum. The maximum rake depends on the game that is being played as well as the limits being played. Lower stakes tend to have a lower max rake, while higher limit games have a higher rake (although the percentage of rake that is taken from a pot can be lower). Fixed Limit games also tend to have a lower max rate than their No Limit counterparts.

While the rate of rake taken from each pot can vary, it is usually around 5% of the total pot, up to the max.

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Multi-table tournaments and Sit N Go tournaments are also raked, although instead of rake the term generally used is a “buy-in fee.” In these games you will see the buy-in represented as one number + another number such as €5+€0.50. In this case, €5 is being used towards the prize pool whereas €0.50 is being charged by the poker room to facilitate the game. Generally speaking, buy-in fees are around 10% of the total buy-in. This is fairly common among online poker sites.

PlanetWin365 Rake Schedule

The rake schedule at PlanetWin is relatively straight forward to players compared to many online poker sites.

The factors determining PlanetWin365 rake is not only the limits and the game being played but also the number of players seated at the table. These rake rates are based on the betting type (Fixed Limit and No Limit/Pot Limit) guardless of game type (Omaha, Hold’em, 32 Card Poker and Telesina).

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PlanetWin365 Poker Rake Schedule
Game   Number of Players Rake per Pot Max Rake
€0.01/€0.02 to €0.25/€0.50 No Limit games 2-3 €0.01 for each €0.20 in Pot € 2.00
€0.01/€0.02 to €0.25/€0.50 No Limit games 4-10 players €0.01 for each €0.20 in Pot € 3.00
€0.50/€1.00 to €50.00/€100.00 No Limit games 2-3 €0.01 for each €0.20 in Pot € 3.00
€0.50/€1.00 to €50.00/€100.00 No Limit games 4-10 €0.01 for each €0.20 in Pot € 5.00
€0.10/€0.25 Fixed Limit games 2-10 €0.01 for each €0.20 in Pot € 0.20
€0.25/€0.50 Fixed Limit games 2-10 €0.05 for each €1.00 in Pot € 0.40
€0.50/€1.00 Fixed Limit games 2-10 €0.05 for each €1.00 in Pot € 0.50
€1.00/€2.00 Fixed Limit games 2-10 €0.25 for each €5.00 in Pot € 1.00
€2/€4 to €100/€200 Fixed Limit games 2-3 €0.50 at €20, €0.50 at €40. € 1.00
€2/€4 to €100/€200 Fixed Limit games 4-5 €1 at €20, €1 at €40 € 2.00
€2/€4 to €100/€200 Fixed Limit games 6-10 €1 at €20, €1 at €40, €1 at €70 € 3.00

PlanetWin365 Rake – How Can you Minimize Rake Paid?

If you are going to play poker, you first need to understand rake is a necessary evil. Many players don’t notice it though. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it, but you should be aware of the rake you are paying and do what you can to lessen the rake you pay.

So what can you do about rake?

First of all, try to find games where the games are good and the pots are large. This helps two fold. One, you will be playing in games where you are more likely to be a winner because the games will be easier to beat. Two, if pots are reaching over the maximum rake, you are not being charged rake on those larger pots. For example, the rake is many games is going to be the same on a €100 pot as a €120 pot. In both cases, the 5% average that is being charged in rake will have less of an impact on you as a player, and your effective rake paid will be smaller.

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Watch out for promotions. If you are playing frequently at PlanetWin365 poker, take a look at the VIP program. It pays up to 25% PlanetWin365 rakeback, which essentially gives you a rebate on rake when you exchange points for cash. This is straight into your pocket as a player. Keep an eye out for other PlanetWin promotions that award cash rewards. All this adds up to effectively lower the rake you paid. The poker room is offering the promotion – take advantage of it!

Play fixed limit games. Although these tables don’t have the traffic the no limit games do, they are worth playing if you can find some games. The rake at these tables is often lower, with lower maximum rake amounts.

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