What Sports are Available in the PlanetWin Sportsbook?


The PlanetWin365 sportsbook offers a huge selection of sports you can wager on. Bet on over two dozen different sports from across the globe — everything from popular sports such as football to American football from darts to beach volleyball. Chances are if you are looking to make a sports wager, PlanetWin has what you are looking for.

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PlanetWin365’s Vast Sports Betting Selection

PlanetWin’s specialty is football (soccer) betting, but they have plenty of other choices for punters looking to make their wagers on their favorite sports. Note that the following may not be an exclusive list due to the fact some leagues and sports are not in season.

Football (soccer) – The football betting options at PlanetWin are nothing sport of amazing, with over 300,000 different wagers available on a single day. Make your bets on international matches, as well as top European, Russian, North American and Asian leagues.

Tennis – Tennis options at PlanetWin365 include hundreds of wagers for a variety of circuits including ATP, WTA, Challenger Men, and ITF Men’s and Women’s leagues.

Basketball — Thousands of wagering opportunities are available for punters looking to bet on some basketball. Whether it’s international clubs, Europe, Asia or North or South American leagues, you will be able to place your bets on the world’s top leagues.

Moto Racing — Dozens of wagers are available for PlanetWin’s Moto Racing, often featured on the PlanetWin sportsbook leading up to top events.

Formula 1 — PlanetWin offers hundreds of wagers for Formula 1 action.

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Volleyball/Beach Volleyball — Listed on the menu as “Volley” and “Beach Volley,” these two sports probably aren’t what comes to mind when you think about sports betting, but PlanetWin offers wagering on Volleyball and lots of it – you can find hundreds of bets in the PlanetWin365 sportsbook.

American Football — America’s #1 sport is also featured on the PlanetWin sportsbook, with hundreds of bets available during a typical week. Bet on the NFL, college football or even the Canadian Football League.

Rugby — The PlanetWin sportsbook offers wagering on Rugby Union and Rugby League. For Rugby Union, find action for international matches as well as Oceania leagues. For Rugby League, you can place wagers on international clubs.

Ice Hockey
— Thousands of wagers are available for PlanetWin’s hockey lines. Join the action and bet on International Clubs, North American or European hockey leagues.

Baseball — PlanetWin offers betting on North American, Asian and Oceania leagues, among others.

Handball — Another sport that you don’t typically associate with sports betting, but PlanetWin365 offers tons of handball betting lines including for international matches and clubs as well as European leagues.

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Boxing and Fighting — Listed as “Boxing and Fighting,” PlanetWin’s fighting section offers wagering on the world’s top fights. At PlanetWin, you can make boxing, Ultimate Fighter and Ultimate Fighting Championship wagers.

Golf — Offering dozens of golf betting lines, PlanetWin365 allows you to bet on the European Tour as well as international golf.

Cricket — One day internationals, test series and Twenty20, are all among cricket betting lines offered by PlanetWin365.

Other sports available in the PlanetWin sportsbook occasionally including darts, futsal with even more offered depending on the season.

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Finding PlanetWin365 Sports

The PlanetWin365 sportsbook is laid out very conveniently, allowing you to easily be able to find the wagers you want to make. Once you are on the PlanetWin sportsbook, you can find betting lines from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

You can also search for betting lines using the search box that is provided, along with the ability to narrow your search to PlanetWin betting lines that are upcoming with a designated time frame – 1 hour, 3 hours, current day, 3 days or all.

After selecting the sport, you can see how many wagers there are for that sport, followed by a list of categories (usually regions or leagues) listed for that sport. Selecting a league will allow you begin placing wagers for the leagues you are looking to place your bet.

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