PlanetWin365 Sit & Gos Offer Players Variety of Choices


If you are a poker player – you are usually sitting down at one of three distinct types of poker games – cash games, tournaments and sit & gos. Of those choices, sit & gos are probably the least popular form of poker, primarily because sit & gos are a phenomenon at online casinos and not seen as much in a brick and mortar casino.

Still, sit & gos have a loyal following and are widely available at PlanetWin365 with tons of choices.

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What is a sit & go?

A sit & go is like a tournament, but instead of a tournament which starts at a predetermined time, a sit & go begins when there are enough players to play. Another major difference of a sit & go compared to tournaments is that sit & gos are generally have fewer players, often with just one table.

For tournament players, sit & go tables are an excellent way to participate in a tournament in a smaller amount of time, especially if you are playing in turbo varieties.

What types of PlanetWin365 Sit & Gos Are Offered at PlanetWin?

Just as in the case with multi-table tournaments, sit & gos come in all shapes in sizes. Not only can you play sit & gos in a variety of game types, but as a player you will have a large selection of choices on the number of players you play against, the buy-in and variant of the sit & go. The following are the main ways in which sit & gos are distinguished from each other.

Game Type: PlanetWin365 Poker offers sit & go contests for all games that are available to play for cash games. This means a lot of variety, but also means there is less activity for some of the less popular games. The vast majority of the sit n gos — and largest variety of games — are available at No Limit Hold’em but you can find games pop up at all game types during peak times.

Game types offered include the games you would expect such as Hold’em, Omaha and Stud, but also some less popular games such as Telesina and 32 Card Draw. Omaha Hi/Lo is not available in the sit & go format.

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Size: The number of players available to enter sit & gos can vary anywhere from 2 to 18 seats at PlanetWin365 Poker: 2, 6, 8, 10 or 18 depending on the game you choose. The 18 seat sit n gos are comprised of two tables.

Buy-in: Buy-ins for PlanetWin sit & go tournaments start at €0.50+€0.10 and move up to €50+€3.75 for Hold’em. The buy-in amounts for the rest of the games seem to cap at 5+0.35 at most games due to lower amount of traffic.

Variant: Sit & go “variant” is the type of sit & go offered. Players can find games in a variety of speeds including Turbo, Super Turbo and Hyper Turbo. The difference between these games is how fast the blinds increase. Turbo changes chip levels every 5 minutes, whereas Super Turbo increases levels are 3 minutes and Hyper Turbo 1 minute. Players have the option of selecting featured, satellite and live event as variants but these sit n gos are generally not offered by PlanetWin365.

You will also see some sit n gos labeled as “DON.” This stands for Double or Nothing and alludes to the pay level, which means you will “double” your entry fee or receive “nothing.”

Where to Find PlanetWin365 Sit & Gos

PlanetWin365 Sit N Gos are available in the PlanetWin365 Poker client, which can be downloaded from PlanetWin website after you create an account. Sit & Go tables are available under the Sit & Go” tab as seen below. Once you are there, use the drop down boxes and column sorting to find the game that you are looking for.


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