Top PlanetWin365 Casino Games Available on Mobile


The PlanetWin casino offers virtually everything you could want as a casino plyaer — slots, table games, roulette, video poker, virtual games and more. Even though all of the available games can be played on your computer, not every game is offered on mobile devices.

Thankfully for players, most of PlanetWin’s casino games are available on mobile. And there are more being offered all the time.

Indeed, there is a huge selection of mobile casino games. We counted 176 types of slots, for instance. Roulette? There you will get a choice of six different types. Table games? Yeah, that too — with at least one option available at many games.

So what are the most popular mobile games to play on the PlanetWin365 casino? A few games you might expect and some that may surprise you.

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A List of the Top 5 PlanetWin365 Casino Games

Here are the top PlanetWin mobile casino games by favorite points, a measure of the popularity of the game according to PlanetWin users.

12 Number Roulette


It’s no surprise that this game is the top mobile casino game on PlanetWin. It’s a simplied version of the popular popular game with 12 numbers, as the name suggests (there are 36 numbers on a standard roulette table). The game is made by Espresso and has an assounding 866 favorites. Not only is this the most popular game on PlanetWin mobile, its the most popular game in the PlanetWin casino.

You can set on your bets by picking a number, color, odd/even, or a range of numbers. The game includes a single zero.

Classic Blackjack


The second most popular mobile game at PlanetWin with 476 favorites is at the popular table game, blackjack. As the name suggests, this is a classic version of the game — dealer stands on all 17s, blackjack pays 3:2 and double downs after splits are allowed. You can play up to three hands at a time at this version of blackjack.

Amun Ra – At 277 favorite points, the most popular slot game on PlanetWin is one we featured just last week. Amun Ra is an Egytian-themed slot with five reels and three rows that you can play on up to 10 lines. The papyrus symbol in this game acts as a wild, catter and bonus. If you get three of more papyrus symbols, you’ll trigger 10 free spins with a special multiplying symbol.

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Joker Poker


Joker Poker is the PlanetWin365 casinos’ most popular video poker game with 260 favorite points. Jokers are wild in this game which you can play on up to five coins per deal. On the first deal, you will choose which cards to hold. If you get a hand of Kings or Better or higher, you win. A Natural Royal Flush on five coins pays the jackpot prize.



Rounding out the top five mobile casinos games with 233 favorite points is Baccarat, a classic game made by Espresso. The object of this popular card game is to get as close to 9 as you can where ten value cards count as zero and aces count as one. You can pay the game as the player or banker — you can even bet on a tie.

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