Playing PlanetWin 365 Blackjack in the Live Casino

The PlanetWin 365 Casino features literally hundreds of gaming options on the PlanetWin website. Among the most interesting experience at PlanetWin is at the Live Casino, where players can enjoy a handful of the most popular casino games including PlanetWin 365 Blackjack.

Many of us like the thrills, graphics and fast-paced action of online casinos, but at the PlanetWin live blackjack tables, which features live dealers, you can experience the best of online gaming but also enjoy a more social and “human” feel to the games.

The PlanetWin 365 live casino is accessible from the top of the PlanetWin website. Once you have registered and have made a deposit on PlanetWin, you will need to make sure to transfer funds to the Live Casino. You should now be ready to join the games. If you do not have any funds in your account, you are still able to watch the games being dealt before deciding to play.

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Inside the PlanetWin 365 Blackjack Live Casino

The PlanetWin365 blackjack games are available from the live casino.

Once you are on the Live casino page, you will see a list of games available to you with blackjack available at the top. Betting limits for the Planet Win 365 blackjack tables range from €5 to €1000. You can also see in the “status” column whether a game is currently running. Early in the European evening there may not be blackjack games available. If this is the case and you still would like to get a live casino fix, you may be able to find roulette and banco games available further down in the list.

After clicking on blackjack you will be directed to a list of tables with live dealers, each with some basic deals about the table — the name of the table, the betting limits and the number of other players seated at the table.

After clicking blackjack under game type, You will see a green circle to signify that the table is ready for you to sit down. You can hover over the table to see a profile, including a picture, of the real live dealer who is dealing cards at the table you have selected.

Pick a seat at the PlanetWin blackjack tables.

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PlanetWin 365 Blackjack Table View

Once you have clicked on a table, you will see a live dealer, most likely female, with a casino backdrop behind her. The live casino streams live from studios in Portamaso, Malta.

Live dealers at the PlanetWin 365 blackjack tables.

When viewing the table, you will likely see other players seated at the table as well. These games are popular at PlanetWin 365 so you may have to wait until a seat opens up or go to another table. If it’s your first time at the Planetwin365 live casino, you may just want to watch to see how the table plays so that you can become more comfortable with how to play.

From the top of the table view you can adjust the size of the table according to your size preference. Once you have seated you can also of course bet and repeat your previous bet. You can also view the history of the table under “chronology.” And if you feel like chatting you also have the option of opening up a chat window and talking to other players or the dealer.

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The PlanetWin 365 Blackjack Live Casino Experience

For those that have previously been to a live casino it will be quite similar with some obvious deviations. Real cards are shuffled and dealt by the live dealer. All money transactions are handled by the live casino software.

The PlanetWin 365 software detects what real cards are being dealt and will quickly pay you based on the outcome of the hand. Because there is a real dealer involved and other players acting at the table, the game pace is a bit slower than standard online casino blackjack games. While not as lightning-fast as the standard online game, the experience is about as close as you can come to playing at a real casino. The only difference is that you can play these games in your pajamas.

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