PlanetWin365 Poker Games — Telesina Poker Rules


Like 32 Card Poker, Telesina is a game that you don’t hear about much. In fact, many players haven’t even heard of it, let alone played the game. The good thing about Telesina is that if you have played Stud, you’re well on your way to knowing Telesina poker rules and how to play the game.

The biggest difference in Telesina compared to other poker games is that only 32 cards are used in the deck, similar to 32 Card Poker. You might hear the 32 cards in the deck referred to as a “French deck,” where all cards ranked 2-6 are taken out of the deck, which actually adjusts the ranking of the cards a bit.

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Telesina Poker Rules

To start the game off, each player must put in an ante before being dealt cards. Players are then dealt two cards – one face up and one face down. The player who holds the highest card must “bring in,” or make the first bet. Action will then move clockwise across the table.

The required antes and bring in will depend on the stakes of the table you are playing:

Lobby Stake Level- Ante- Bring In- Min. Bet
1c/2c 1c 1c 2c
2c/5c 1c 2c 5c
5c/10c 1c 3c 10c
10c/25c 2c 10c 25c
25c/50c 2c 20c 50c
50c/€1 5c 25c € 1
75c/€1.50 5c 50c € 1.50
€1/€2 10c 75c € 2
€1.50/€3 25c € 1 € 3
€2.50/€5 25c € 2 € 5
€5/€10 25c € 3 € 10

After betting has been completed for the first round, a third card will be dealt to each player still in the hand face up. A betting round will start with the player that has the best hand. Players can either bet or check after the 2nd round of betting. New rounds of betting will continue for 4th and 5th street (4th and 5th cards). By the end of the hand, players will have one hand face down — the original card — and four face up.

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After the river card is dealt for each player a “Vela Community Card” is dealt face up in the middle of the table. A final betting round will take place, starting with the player who has the best visible hand (which includes the community card) will begin betting and have the option to check.

Players that remain will then showdown their cards. The best hand, which includes the community card, will then win the hand. Hands are ranked by the order listed below. Flushes in Telesina are ranked more due to the relative difficulty of hitting these hands in a 32 card game.

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
One Pair
High Card

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Telesina on PlanetWin365 Poker

The traffic in PlanetWin365’s Telesina games is actually more than you would expect for an uncommon game. Stakes start at €0.01/€0.02 and move up to €2.50/€5, both in Pot Limit and No Limit. Players can join Deep Stack buy-in games or the standard buy-ins. All tables have either four or six seats at the table.

There are usually a half-dozen or more poker tables running, with much of the action occurring below the €0.10/€0.25 limits. From our observation, the €0.05/€0.10 tables seem to be the most popular with average pots in the 2-5 range.

You can find these games in the cash games section of the PlanetWin365 lobby. You can even play an occasional Telesina freeroll or two under “Tournaments.”

If you’re a hardcore Telesina player, you may find the low stakes a bit underwhelming, but if you are just looking for a new type of game to play or don’t mind lower stakes action, Telesina at PlanetWin365 will be perfect for you.

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