PlanetWin365 Multiple Bonuses – A Better Value on Parlays

Let’s face it – parlays are hell of a lot of fun, but they are not usually the best value for your sports betting dollar. We like to think about hitting our 20:1 shot coming for a quick, big score, but the fact is you are almost always better off making individual wagers. Of course, that’s not going to stop us from making parlay bets. So what do you when you have the urge to bet a parlay but you want it get a bit more value out of them? Enter PlanetWin365’s Multiple Bets.

The PlanetWin365 sportsbook, is a website we have been singing he praises of lately, especially with recent events like a recent approval of 1001 Italian licenses and a hand converter that works with Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker. Yes, there is a lot of activity at this fast-growing sportsbook.

Now PlanetWin 365 has a fantastic way for you to bet parlays and increase your payout as you add more wagers to your parlay. They call their parlays “Multiples” and punters are quickly finding out why PlanetWin 365 is becoming the go-to sportsbook to make these popular bets.

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What is a Multiple on PlanetWin365?

A Multiple is the PlanetWin 365 term for a parlay, so for our purposes both terms can be used interchangeably. Sure, many of you reading this already are very familiar with what parlays are, but please give us a minute to brief the newbies.

Parlays or Multiples are a simply a way for you to make multiple wagers on a single bet. If all of the bets on the Multiple hit, you will likely have a good payday coming your way (this, of course, depends upon the odds of the wagers of the bet and how many wagers are added to the Multiple). Unfortunately, if your Multiple misses, even if it’s by just one bet, you lose the entire bet. Parlays/Multiples can be cold.

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The Benefits of Multiples at PlanetWin 365

PlanetWin365 understands this and makes their Multiples more lucrative by adding Multiples “bonuses” up to 160% of normal payout. The Multiples bonuses start at 2% for betting 4 events and these bonuses increase with each subsequent bet up to 30, which is the number of bets required to receive the maximum 160% reward. So if you have a Multiple Bet that would otherwise pay $100 and you have a 25% bonus, that bet will now pay $125 through PlanetWin 365’s Multiples Bonuses.

In addition to the ongoing Multiples Bonus, PlanetWin 365 also offers even higher rewards during select times. Their Happy Hours Bonuses, for example, are available from 9:00 CET until 10:00 CET and 21:00 CET to 22:00 CET, start awarding Multiple Bonuses once you have made three wagers and award a maximum bonus of up to 165%. During special promotion periods, PlanetWin 365 will go even further still by increasing Multiples Bonuses up to 200% and awarding Multiples bonuses at TWO wagers.

Below is a chart that details bonuses that PlanetWin 365 adds to their Multiples Bets during various times.

Multiple Bet Bonuses
Number of Wagers Multiple Bet Bonuses Happy Hour Bonuses MEGA Bonuses
1 N/A N/A 2%
2 N/A N/A 4%
3 N/A 3% 6%
4 2% 5% 8%
5 6% 9% 10%
6 10% 13% 15%
7 15% 18% 20%
8 20% 23% 25%
9 25% 28% 30%
10 30% 33% 35%
11 35% 38% 40%
12 40% 43% 45%
13 45% 48% 50%
14 50% 53% 55%
15 55% 58% 60%
16 60% 63% 65%
17 65% 68% 70%
18 70% 73% 75%
19 75% 78% 80%
20 80% 83% 85%
21 85% 88% 90%
22 90% 93% 95%
23 95% 98% 100%
24 100% 105% 110%
25 110% 115% 120%
26 120% 125% 130%
27 130% 135% 140%
28 140% 145% 150%
29 150% 155% 160%
30 160% 165% 200%

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New Players Joining the PlanetWin 365 Sportsbook

With its Multiple Bonuses, the PlanetWin 365 Sportsbook has one of the best parlay promotions on the internet. They also have some of the best sportsbook odds and lines as well. The margin on PlanetWin 365 odds is just 4.07% compared to a European sportsbook average of 5.81%. For more information on the PlanetWin 365 sportsbook, be sure to check out our PlanetWin 365 review.

Start playing now with PlanetWin 365 Promotion Code: 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB