PlanetWin365 Football Betting Types: Over/Unders


A plethora of betting types are available when placing wagers on the Planetwin365 sports book, and with so many options it can be difficult to know where to start. Despite being daunting on first glance, once familiarizing yourself with the platform, it is much easier to navigate. In our last post on this topic, we went over the main football betting wagers that players can make on PlanetWin365. But that post only scratched the surface.

One of the main betting types we went over in our last post was over/unders. Beyond the standard over/under bets mentioned are many additional variations of this popular favorite of sports bettors. And to say Planetwin365 has these bets well covered is an understatement — many different types of over/under wagers are available on Planetwin365. Not only, can you pick the side of the over/under, but the selection of bets will allow you to choose the amount of the over/under.

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What is an Over/Under?

An over/under is one of the most basic bet types offered by sports books, probably only behind betting on the winner of a contest. If you have done any sports betting at all, you are likely very familiar with these bets types. But there are some new players out there who may be reading so we will briefly explain the concept to those that are less familiar with how over/unders work.

In an over/under bet, you are simply betting on whether you believe the total score from both teams will be under or over a predetermined amount. Because scoring widely varies by sport, over/unders will obviously be very different according to the sport that is being bet on.

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Betting Football Over/Unders on Planetwin365

In football, over/unders are always going to be low due to the minimal scoring that takes place. A typical over/under in football is 2.5, while the actual over/under for a particular game with equal action on both sides can be dependent on a variety of factors. Most of the over/unders in football end in .5 to take away the possibility of a tie, which would otherwise be a frequent occurrence for these bets. This is to contrast higher scoring sports such as American football and basketball, which frequently comprise over/unders that end in a whole number.

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Planetwin’s football betting does not set a single over/under for each game, but instead provides odds for six standard over/under totals: 0.50, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 – each based on the final score of the match.

With a 0.50 over/under, for example, you are essentially betting whether the match will be scoreless or have at least one goal scored. These matches will obviously be highly in favor of a goal being scored — even though football is a low scoring game, shutouts are still rare with odds around 10:1. As over/unders lines increase, the numbers on each side intersect until around the 2.5 mark. At 3.5 and above, the over starts to become the clearer underdog, and punters betting the over at 5.5 and above are likely to get odds of 10 to 20:1.

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Below you see typical over/under betting lines for English Premier League matchups.


How to Bet Over/Unders

Over/Unders can be a great way to put action on a game without choosing a side. You can either root for scores or no scores and stay neutral in the game. There are many ways to play over/unders, such as previous scores together or recent games against other teams. Many bettors prefer looking at individual stats in a more granular way that predicts the outcome of the game.

Regardless of how you choose to place your wagers on over/unders, you should definitely give these bets a try on PlanetWin.

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