Planetwin365 Christmas Mega Multiple Bonuses are Here


If you like to take advantage of PlanetWin Multiples Bonus, you’ll love what they have in store this holiday season. For the next week, during Christmas and New Year’s, you will have the opportunity to earn Multiple Bonuses at the PlanetWin365 sportsbook at a special holiday rate of up to 200%.

The bonuses start coming at just one event, as opposed to the normal four. There are three separate promotion periods for the Christmas Mega Bonus promotion and the first one starts on December 23rd at 0:00 Central European Time. If you bet sports book parlays, you simply can’t miss this.

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PlanetWin Multiples Christmas Mega Bonus Schedule

You won’t find Multiple Bonuses like these anywhere else and these special rates are available just a few times each year during the holidays. The first part of the promotion runs for three days until December 26th CET and then starts up again on December 29th-30th and January 1st-3rd.

Mega Multiples Event Name Start Time (CET) End Time (CET)
Christmas Mega Bonus 23/12/2015 at 0:00 – 26/12/2015 at 23:59:59
New Year’s Mega Bonus 1 29/12/2015 at 0:00 – 30/12/2015 at 23:59:59
New Year’s Mega Bonus 2 01/01/2016 at 0:00 – 03/01/2016 at 23:59:59

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Christmas Mega Bonus Rates

Players receive up to 200% bonus for hitting a 30 event multiple. In addition, the bonus starts with just one event, down from the usual four. The rates increase for each subsequent event that you add to your bet slip.

PlanetWin365 Christmas Mega Bonus Rates
1 event: 2 events: 3 events: 4 events:
2% extra bonus 4% extra bonus 6% extra bonus 8% extra bonus
5 events: 6 events: 7 events: 8 events:
10% extra bonus 15% extra bonus 20% extra bonus 25% extra bonus
9 events: 10 events: 11 events: 12 events:
30% extra bonus 35% extra bonus 40% extra bonus 45% extra bonus
13 events: 14 events: 15 events: 16 events:
50% extra bonus 55% extra bonus 60% extra bonus 65% extra bonus
17 events: 18 events: 19 events: 20 events:
70% extra bonus 75% extra bonus 80% extra bonus 85% extra bonus
21 events: 22 events: 23 events: 24 events:
90% extra bonus 95% extra bonus 100% extra bonus 110% extra bonus
25 events: 26 events: 27 events: 28 events:
120% extra bonus 130% extra bonus 140% extra bonus 150% extra bonus
29 events: 30 events:    
160% extra bonus 200% extra bonus  

The larger Multiples are difficult to hit, but they sure pay off when they do.

Up to 200% in Multiples Bonuses at PlanetWin365. Sign-up today using promotion code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB.

About PlanetWin365 Multiple Bonuses

Multiples are a big deal at PlanetWin365. In fact, for many punters, it’s one of the best things about the PlanetWin sportsbook.

Parlays are the most common name for a Multiple, which is a wager that has two or more betting lines added to a bet slip. To be paid, each part of the wager must be correct. These types of bets are popular with punters due to the large payouts when they hit, even if parlays in general are a low-value bet. PlanetWin365’s Multiples Bonus program makes parlays more appealing by adding extra value.

PlanetWin365 offers Multiple Bonuses at all times, although the bonuses start at four events at cap at 160%. Happy Hours bonuses (which run daily from 9:00 CET until 10:00 CET and 21:00 CET to 22:00 CET), start at three events and cap at 165%

A full explanation of PlanetWin365 Multiples and bonuses can be seen here, which includes a full list of the various bonus rates that are available for Multiples at PlanetWin365.

Get started today on the PlanetWin365 sportsbook. Enter affiliate code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB.