Making a Bet on the English Premier League at PlanetWin365


The English Premier League is only hours away with the first games getting underway midday Saturday in the United Kingdom. That means now is the time to get your bets ready at the PlanetWin365 Sportsbook. Here’s how you find the action you are looking for at PlanetWin for all of Saturday’s matches and beyond.

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Once you have created your account and have made your deposit, you’ve done everything you need to to start wagering on football this season.

Making PlanetWin365 FootBall Wagers – English Premier League

PlanetWin has an excellent, easy to understand layout to find what you are looking for. If you know exactly what you want, type in a keyterm in the search box. The drawback of using the search is that if you don’t know how the match is worded you may either get too many results or none. But if you know how your wager is labeled, use the search.

To go directly to the games, you can select Soccer Specials from the left hand menu, where there are currently over 3500 bets available (this varies from day to day). There you will see a list of upcoming games under England – Premier League. Available on the match page is a list of players for individual goals scored. Known as BomberGoal wagers, these wagers are for betting on goal scores for a specific match.

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You will also find matches from other leagues such as Italian SuperCoppa and French Ligue 1 from this section.

The bulk of the wagering for an individual match can be found in the “Soccer” section at the top of the menu. Under “Soccer,” you can find the English Premier League matches under UK and Ireland. When navigating to this section, you will be given a huge selection of bets for a single match. This is what Saturday’s matches look like at the moment, with over 700 bets available for most English Premier League matches.


You can either make a bet from the main screen to make common wagers or you can also click on the number on the right hand side of the match line to be shown all the wagers for that specific game. Alternatively, you can sort by bet type.

Here we are displaying all the handicap wagers for the English Premier League games this weekend. You can do this for any of the 50 plus categories of wagers including over/unders, halftime, odd/even, combos, goals and much more.

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Making a PlanetWin Wager

Once you have found the betting line of the wager you wish to make, simply click on the line to have the wager added to your betslip. Here we have added an over/under to our Betslip. We can either continue adding wagers to the betslip or make the wager or complete the wager. Clicking “continue” makes the bet, while clicking another PlanetWin betting line adds an additional wager to the betslip. When adding up to four, you will qualify for a multiples bonus.

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Premier League Day 1 Action

The first English Premier League matches are live with current PlanetWin odds. Note that PlanetWin betting lines are subject to change and are available in real time on the Planetwin sportsbook.


Manchester (1.63) vs Tottenham (5.85), Draw (3.90) – PlanetWin Bestseller, Hottest Over/Under with 99% of punters taking the 1.5 over/under at 1.26
Bournemouth (1.97) vs Aston Villa (4.05), Draw (3.50)
Norwich City (2.55) vs Crystal Palace (2.94), Draw (3.25)
Everton (1.77) vs Watford (4.70), Draw 3.80
Leicester City (1.88) vs Sunderland (4.50), Draw (3.50)
Chelsea (1.38) vs Swansea City (4.85), Draw (4.85)

Arsenal (1.27) vs West Ham (12.40), Draw (5.80) – PlanetWin Bestseller
Newcastle (2.87) vs Southhampton (2.60), Draw (3.25)
Stoke City (3.48) vs Liverpool (2.17), Draw (3.42)

West Bromwich (5.77) vs Manchester City (1.63), Draw (3.95)

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