Is PlanetWin365 Reputable?

PlanetWin365 Safe

Ultimately, the most important aspect of playing an online sportsbook, casino or poker room is can you trust them with your money, will they be fair and will they pay you on time. It really all comes down to that. If they don’t deliver in that area, most of the other aspects of a gaming website doesn’t really matter.

Of course, a lot of review sites will say that a sportsbook is reputable but don’t really tell you why. So today we will take a look at whether PlanetWin 365 is reputable and importantly – how. But first, straight to our view of the question.

Is PlanetWin365 Reputable?

In short: Yes. PlanetWin 365 has a relatively long history of demonstrating their site as a safe and secure place for players to deposit their money and play in the sportsbook, casino and poker room.

A small percentage of gambling websites are actually scams. Over the nearly 20 years online gambling has been a thing, it’s become relatively easy to sort the good from the bad. The simple fact is that throughout their history, PlanetWin365 have demonstrated that they are trustworthy choice for players regardless of what they play.

Next we will tell some of the reasons we think PlanetWin365 is a reputable place to take your play.

Why is PlanetWin365 Safe?

Although there is no fool-proof way to determine whether a sportsbook is reputable, we can get some indications and clues. Here are a few areas we like to look for when accessing an online gambling site.

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1) Company Reputation

What can be learn about a sportbook’s track record? PlanetWin365 parent company SKS365 began offering betting in 2009. Seven years — that’s a good start as it gives us plenty of history to go by when assessing them. There is nothing that stands out when you do research on PlanetWin365. Scan any notable online sportsbook failure and you are bound to find a bunch of scary stuff from unfair policies. Not at PlanetWin 365. They have developed a history of stability and safety.

2) Licenses

Since launching globally, PlanetWin365 has expanded their product into regulated markets such as Spain and Italy. When a gambling site is given clearance to operate in the strict regulated regulated markets, this indicates government regulators have given their stamp of approval to operate in the market. This says a lot for the safety of a sportbook, even if you aren’t located in the regulated market.

They also maintain their mission to operate under “European Standards” – “Place a safe bet with guaranteed payouts that are independently audited to the highest of European standards.”

3) Industry Recognition

PlanetWin365 has also been the recipient of the GEB Fair Play Award. Along with offering players competitive promotions and betting lines, the sportsbook also works with jurisdictions to curb match fixing and help regulated markets form strong legal frameworks in Europe.

They have also used their role as a leading sportsbook to help identify matches with abnormal betting flows, a effort to stop match fixing. They became a premium partner in the FIFA Early Warning System in 2011 for their efforts. SKS365 have also promoted stronger relationships between government and media to prevent match fixing.

3) First Hand Accounts

Google PlanetWin365 and you are unlikely to find anything of concern. Sure, you will run into the occasional bad experience from an angry player, but this is something that you see from even the best-of-breed type of sites. So just like you wouldn’t likely avoid purchasing a product from a single Amazon review, you should’t avoid a sportsbook just because of a single punter said on a website.

4) Fast Cashouts

Even though a sportsbook’s reputation, company health and license should tell us what we need to know the safety of an online gambling site, it’s also helpful to know if they are paying players in time. This is representative of a company’s health in a more direct way. If they are well-funded and player funds are safe there should be no delay in paying players. Fortunately, for PlanetWin365, deposits are instant and withdrawals usually take just a day or two and sometimes even less.

If cashouts ever start taking longer than normal, you should try to find out why as this can be the first sign of an issue.

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