Getting Setup with the PlanetWin Mobile Sportsbook


With many football leagues getting into full swing over the next month, it’s time to get your favorite mobile device ready for football betting on the Planetwin mobile sportsbook. Get a jump on the action to ensure you are ready to place your bets — wherever and whenever you want.

Taking advantage of PlanetWin’s innovated bets and competitive odds will not only allow you to have nearly unlimited betting options available to you, but they will give you access to some of the best betting odds on the “planet.” You will also be able to use the PlanetWin 365 app to receive direct access to live scores, not to mention PlanetWin live betting and all the last minute games.

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PlanetWin Mobile Basics

The PlanetWin mobile platform is available for all mobile devices. This includes phones and tables for the platforms on Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry devices.

If you are on a desktop or laptop you can access the mobile version of PlanetWin by scanning the QR code on the PlanetWin sportsbook page. Alternatively, you can just access the PlanetWin website directly from your mobile device.

In addition to access to the mobile sportsbook, players can play on separate mobile platforms for the PlanetWin poker room and PlanetWin365 casino.

PlanetWin Sports – Available on all mobile devices. Enter affiliate code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB when signing up.

Getting Setup with the PlanetWin365 Sportsbook – Apple Devices

Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) which use the iOS operating system can access the PlanetWin mobile sportsbook easily. You must first open your preferred internet browser — you can use the default Safari browser or a third-party browser such as Chrome or Dolphin.

Once you have navigated to the PlanetWin website on your mobile device you will be redirected to the mobile optimized version of PlanetWin. From here you add a shortcut to your home screen here.

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You will now have access to the Planetwin mobile webpage from a single click from your homescreen and can move the shortcut wherever you wish on your device.


Getting Setup with the PlanetWin365 Sportsbook – Android Devices

For tablets and phones using the Android system, you again need to bring up your internet browser and go to the PlanetWin website, which will direct you to PlanetWin mobile.

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From there, you will need to add a bookmark from the page. On Chrome, click on star in settings.

Once the bookmark has been added, you can go into your widgets section and find “bookmark.” When you are on the widgets page, you can add the bookmark to the Android desktop and choose a location for the shortcut.

The bookmark will give you direct access to the mobile-optimized version of PlanetWin. Make sure you have signed in so you can begin making your bets for football season.

Get started on the PlanetWin mobile sportsbook. Make sure to sign-up using promotion code 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB.